Mission and Vision Statement


Mission Statement and Vision

The Noordhoek Environmental Action Group (NEAG) is a non-profit organisation comprising of like-minded people who support NEAG’s aims, Mission and Vision as outlined herein.

NEAG is first and foremost an ACTION group that will never stand down on any issues that compromise its Mission and Vision.

NEAG regards the environment as the natural local fauna and flora within the landscape of the Noordhoek area, and its relationship with the social and built environment occupied by the residents of Noordhoek and its surroundings.

Noordhoek is comprised of a unique environment and residential area with a rural emphasis and clearly defined and limited nodes of commercial activity.


NEAG’s mission is to act as custodians and take all necessary actions to ensure the protection of this environment in order to sustain, preserve and improve it for the benefit of our descendants.

To achieve this, we will critically engage with any activities that may have an impact on the natural or social environment, without fear, favour or preference toward the interests of any individual, commercial or institutional entity.

NEAG will support and abide by the Constitution and laws of the land.


NEAG’s Vision for Noordhoek is to maintain the rural character of the valley as a mixture of natural, agricultural and residential areas with limited commercial activity, where all the constituents are supported and protected to co-exist harmoniously with minimal effect on the natural environment.

This Vision is fully mandated and informed by a survey of Noordhoek residents completed in 2010.

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