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Newsletter April 2020


NEAG NEWSLETTER – APRIL 2020 the explorer edition We decided to call the first edition of 2020 ‘The Explorer’ to represent how humanity is entering new territory and in that sense we are explorers of the unfolding pandemic that is unheard of in our generation. During this time, and afterwards, we will be required to […]

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Newsletter – December 2019


QUARTERLY EDITION NEAG NEWSLETTER DEC-2019 REFLECTIONS A year of planetary overshoot for South Africa Locally, temperatures in Africa are rising faster than compared to the global average, and South Africa has reached its planetary overshoot sooner than many other countries . To listen to the full interview with Dr Jako Volschenk, Senior lecturer in Strategy […]

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Newsletter – September 2019

NEAG NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 2019 The edition that celebrates Cape Town winning the City Nature Challenge Winner in categories MOST OBSERVATIONS and MOST SPECIES in the international City Nature Challenge organised by the  Citizen/Community Science Teams at the California Academy of Sciences and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles Country. Cape Town’s participants were able to […]

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Newsletter May 2019

LATE QUARTERLY EDITION NEAG NEWSLETTER MAY-2019 ALIENS NEAG AND TOADNUTS TALK WETLANDS WITH MAYOR DAN PLATO Mayor Dan Plato came to show his interest in the Noordhoek wetlands (and toads too of course). He understands the immense value wetlands provide by cleaning stormwater and recharging our aquifers. He also acknowledged that wetlands need protection. It’s […]

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Newsletter Jan 2019


QUARTERLY EDITION NEAG NEWSLETTER JAN-2019 How can you make 2019 the year that nature wins? Climate Change: The bad news, The good news and The ultimate solution! Picture: This picture uses GIS mapping to show what Cape Town might look like at a 5 degree temperature rise according to Extinction Rebellion South Africa. The bad […]

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