Noordhoek Beach

Why would we put at risk the things we appreciate in Noordhoek?


For the past few years the seasonal wetland on the beach has lasted well beyond spring, resulting in a huge increase in wading birdlife. The flamingos, in particular, have been lovely to see, especially as they come in to land, flying in formation, as the sun sets.

Some people seem to believe that the birds have been provided by Sanparks to help keep their dogs entertained. Walking the dogs along the green line where the lake meets the dunes is the route of choice for many dog lovers as the dogs can then rampage among the nesting birds as well.

One can forgive this behaviour if the people involved are occasional visitors but some of the offenders are long time residents who do this everyday. At the car park one becomes familiar with a detached look peculiar to the dog lovers as they studiously look the other way while their dogs dump next to the sign asking that dog owners pick up their dog’s poo. Down the beach this disregard for the environment translates into a belief that their dogs are not doing any harm as the birds always come back; well last night the flamingos flew off and I did not see them come back.

Maybe we just don’t deserve this place.

Name: Cecil Whiteman



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