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Who is managing the Noordhoek Common since the collapse of the Noordhoek Conservancy?

Many people ask what has changed with respect to management of Noordhoek Common since the collapse of the Noordhoek Conservancy. Chris Strangway-Dixon ( of the Noordhoek Common Committee , answers this question :

The Noordhoek Common was and still is managed by the Noordhoek Common Committee which consists of 7 or 8 Noordhoek resident volunteers. Originally this committee was a sub-committee of the Noordhoek Conservancy and managed the Common on behalf of the Conservancy. Due to the recent controversy surrounding the Noordhoek Conservancy we chose to create a new stand-alone legal body in order to preserve the on going management and funds of the Common. The new Noordhoek Common Association has its own Constitution that is guided by the original City Approved Environmental Management Plan (EMP) implemented specifically for the Common and is still managed by the same committee members. The Common funds originally held by the Conservancy were initially transferred into a Trust Account and then into a new bank account created for the Noordhoek Common Association for use solely on Noordhoek Common Expenses.

When a ‘New Noordhoek Conservancy’ is created it is expected that the Noordhoek Common Association should reintegrate back into this management structure. If required, the new Noordhoek Common Association will proceed with the Lease Application on behalf of Noordhoek.


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