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SLAPP (or Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation)

Research on SLAPP (or Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation)
suits indicates:

1. the real intention of the SLAPP suit is to retaliate and intimidate
2. they are most commonly brought by developers in land use issues
3. SLAPP suits are always disguised as something else (eg. defamation
suits) and sometimes lawyers don't realise they are dealing with SLAPP
suits, making them more difficult to contest
4. because the intention of a SLAPP suit is to intimidate or harass, not
necessarily to win the case, the paintiff's case is often without much
real merit
5. even if the plaintiff loses in court he usually wins because people
are afraid to speak out in future.
Refer links below for more details,the last one is a ruling on a SLAPP suit by the North Gauteng High Court

2 Responses to “SLAPP (or Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation)”

  1. On March 6, 2014 at 08:46 Alison Faraday responded with... #

    This is a time for Noordhoek residents to stand up to the local bullies. Surely the plaintiff is well-known in legal circles for using SLAPP tactics and the transparency of his new litigation will be apparent?

  2. On March 6, 2014 at 15:56 Jonathan responded with... #

    Very sad state of affairs that the conscious few are being intimidated by commercial interests – again and so soon after the carpark debacle.

    Only in hindsight will local people realise the consequences of their apathy on these issues.

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